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“Honey Jars or Sweetening jars are typically used in magic to sweeten someone up to you. Basically sweeten their mind to you making them more loving, kinder, and more willing towards you, your desire or need. 
More often than not, honey jars are used for love spells, to attract, keep or bring a lover back. However, thy can also be used to mend friendships, family, and situations. On a practical level, they can be used to sweeten a situation in your favor, such as a court case or a legal issue. They are often used to sweeten people of authority, such as an employer, a judge, landlord, teacher or other persons of power. They can be used to gain employment, to acquire money, services or get accepted in a new program, group or college. In general, honey jars can also be used to make home life a little sweeter, loving and prosperous.”
-Elements of Magick
Made and Blessed by Valerie 
Could be made and sent out or could be made together at Valdeniece Health & Beauty located in Weave Doctors Salon

Honey Jar (sweeten up your desires)

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