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Energy: Receptive

Element: Water

Planet: Venus & Neptune

Deities: Freyja, Kwan Yin, Maar, Buddha

Powers:  Longevity, Wisdom & Prosperity

Candle Color: Any Shade of Green

Zodiac Stone of: Pisces, Libra, Gemini, Taurus & Aries

Associations: Venus

Birthstone: Mystical Birthstone for March and Anniversary Stone for the 12th year

Chakra: Heart 

Nephrite Jade is by far the strongest, densest and highest quality Jade on the market. It’s stronger than steel making it crack-free so if you drop it, it won’t break. The healing properties of this crystal are many! Here are some to name a few:
Emotional balance and stability
Revitalising energy and speeds up healing
Stone of health and abundance (good luck charm)
Heals and opens the Heart Chakra (also helps in dysfunctional relationships and issues around love)
Instills sense of calm, wellbeing and confidence
Protects against illness and psychic protection
Energetic clearing and transmutes negative energy
Helps with kidney function (Nephrite literally means Kidney in Greek)
Supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity.

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Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg

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