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Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd)

Element: Fire

Numerology: Number 6

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Scorpio

Spiritual & Emotional Benefits:
Mind, Body, & Spirit

The frequency of Red Jasper can help to activate sexual and/or creative energy. It is commonly used to counter issues of impotence or lack of sexual interest. IT can assist one in balancing ones sexual energy and one’s ideas and beliefs about sexual expression. It helps one to release shame or guilt around sexual expression or orientation. Red Jasper aids in manifesting creative ideas. It can help one continue working on a project or idea after it has lost its original excitement. ITs energy helps one to be disciplined in ones creative work, bringing self-mastery to those who are a bit scattered in their focus.” Book of Stones.
Physical Benefits:
Red Jasper is a stone of physical strength and energy. It is wonderful for those who need extra support to recover from physical weakness due to illness. It is also useful in weight lifting and bodybuilding because of its ability to help generate muscle tissue. It can be used to enhance the effects of exercise to support the circulatory and respiratory systems. Red Jasper is useful in helping to stabilze pregnancies and promote robust fetal growth.” Book of Stones.

Other interesting facts:
Animals: Red jasper should not be used with young animals. It will encourage timid animals to become more territorial.
Children: Red jasper should not be used directly with young children though it can be used on their behalf. It will encourage older children to stand up for themselves, particularly in the face of prejudice or spite from other children or teachers.
Environment: It can be used to empower drought-ridden areas of the world.
Finance & Prosperity: Red jasper will deter bad luck.
Health & Healing: Red jasper aids circulation, stiff joints and limbs or anyone suffering from menstrual or menopausal problems. It is also good for anemia or any sort of blood toxicity.
Home: It will help keep your home cheerful and aid you in staying focused on anything that needs to be done.
Love: -
Protection: Red jasper offers powerful physical and psychic protection. It will help prevent accidents and injuries. It will send negative energy back to the sender.
Psychic: Use it as a strong psychic shield.
It Is The Stone Of: Warriors and some Native North Americans.
Ritual: It is also a fertility charm.
Work: It will help you remain cheerful and focused no matter what comes your way.

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Red Jasper Yoni Egg

  • Boil Water then place Gem In boiled water


    Wear for 1-3 hours 

    Once removed to clear negative energy cleanse in sea salt water then place in boiled water so that it will be ready for next use.

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